We welcome you on an adventurous insight of the entertainment intustry.

Teed inc & co is a vast growing company that prides itself on quality, time
and vision to exceed your imagination

We are a multi
sectioned company

As shown on our functions sectors below: function equipment hiring
(tents,chairs, tables, clothes), events planning, photography, and music production. 

All the above mentioned are at your disposal, lets us turn your dream into a reality.

our services

We offer one of the best range of tents in  South Africa at your disposal. We have all the equipment to make your event vision into reality. We plan events, company trainings, Christmas parties, garden parties, kiddies parties and so on.

We also offer you photography to capture the moments that mean the most to you or your organisation, need not we mention that we offer music services like production, recording studio etc

All the ingredients to satisfy your desires, vision, mission and goals.

we await that call/email to make your vision a reality

Drop us an email and we will get back to you. With a little brainstorming and planning,
we can make your occasion come true.
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